Lean Business Solutions
DMAIC Methodology

The effective and widely-used DMAIC methodology, inspired by Deming's Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle, has five phases:

  • DEFINE the problem, the customer's critical issues, the related business processes, and the project goals and entry/exit criteria.
  • Define a data collection plan, and then execute that plan to MEASURE current ("as-is") process behavior. This forms the baseline against which process improvements can be measured.
  • ANALYZE the data to postulate and confirm (or reject) the root cause(s) of process behavior. Leverage the understanding gained of how the measured factors interrelate in order to identify potential process improvements.
  • Select a proposed process IMPROVEMENT, run a pilot to confirm it results in a measurable return on investment, and if so, develop a project plan to fully roll out the solution.
  • Establish CONTROLS to ensure the process improvement (and associated returns) remain in place. This is done by documenting procedures, training employees, and continuously monitoring the process.

Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology