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IMPITROW® Waste Identification

Waste exists in all work and at all levels in the organization. Identification and elimination of waste is the central focus of a Lean system. Successful implementation requires that ALL employees be trained to identify and eliminate waste from their work.

Eight common types of waste can be remembered with the useful acronym "I'M PIT ROW"®, which evokes a racing car pit crew:

  • Intellect - Any failure to fully utilize the time and talents of people. Lack of cross-training.
  • Motion - Any motion of the worker that does not add value. Unnecessary travel.
  • Processing - Over processing. Doing more than what is necessary. Process variability.
  • Inventory - Accumulation of excess finished product, WIP, or raw materials.
  • Transportation - Any conveyance of the product or information is waste. Unnecessary movement of materials.
  • Re-work - Any repair or correction. Defects.
  • Overproduction - Producing too much or too soon.
  • Waiting - Waiting on work. Waiting for information. Waiting for order to arrive.
IMPITROW® is a registered trademark of Lean Business Solutions.

IMPITROW Waste Identification