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Kaizen Events

Kaizen is Japanese for "change for the good". It has been used in Japanese manufacturing for over 50 years. Kaizen is continuous improvement by involving everyone in implementing change. It involves going to where the work is done (gemba) and actually working out a better way to do business. Kaizen is a team effort to implement change, and is action-oriented; it’s the application stage where the team uses the Lean tools they’ve learned.

A Kaizen event is a structured approach, typically held over a five-day period, with aggressive but achievable goals. Types of Kaizen events include: 5-S Kaizen, Continuous Improvement Kaizen, Mistake-Proofing (Poka Yoke) Kaizen, Quick Changeover Kaizen, and Office Kaizen.

Kaizen events are conducted in various ways in different organizations. We have developed an efficient methodology called POWER Kaizen® which provides guidelines to prepare and execute kaizen events and sustain the results achieved.

  • Prepare: Select event, Define problem, Communicate, Train team
  • Organize: Logistics, Material, Organize team
  • Workout: Walk the process, Generate solutions, Implement solutions, Presentations
  • Evaulate: Results evaluation, Lessons learned, Publish results
  • Reinforce: Procedures, Train on changes, Celebrate
POWER Kaizen® is a registered trademark of Lean Business Solutions.

Kaizen Events