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Poka Yoke

Poka-Yoke is from the Japanese words for inadvertent error (poka) and avoidance (yokeru). Mistake-proofing the process involves changing the method or equipment to ensure that a particular error cannot happen. Mistake-proofing is important because if it takes 1 hour to fix a problem where it occurs, it may take 10 hours downstream, and it may take 100 hours at the customer.

The use of drop-down menus on a web page ensures that a valid option is selected by the user. Manhole covers are round so they cannot be dropped into the manhole like a square cover could be. The beauty of Mistake-proofing is that it acknowledges the reality that people make mistakes, but makes it easier to do the process correctly than to do it incorrectly.

Mistake Proofing

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Poka Yoke