Lean Business Solutions
Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is a lean manufacturing technique used to analyze the flow of materials and information currently required to bring a product or service. It is a helpful method that can be used in Lean environments to identify opportunities for improvement in lead time. It can be applied to any process needing improvement, and is often used in logistics, supply chain, service-related industries, healthcare, software development, and product development.

Value Stream Mapping is a tool used to create a material and information flow map of a product or process. Value stream mapping provides visibility into the material and information flow system in terms of both value added & non-value added activities.

The basic steps are:

  • Identify the target product, product family, or service.
  • Draw a current state value stream map, which shows the current steps, delays, and information flows required to deliver the target product or service. This may be a production flow (raw materials to consumer) or a design flow (concept to launch). There are 'standard' symbols for representing supply chain entities.
  • Assess the current state value stream map in terms of creating flow by eliminating waste.
  • Draw a future state value stream map.
  • Work toward the future state condition

Value Stream Mapping