Lean Business Solutions
Why Choose Lean Business Solutions?

We Produce Business Results

    arrow   87% Cycle time reduction for Engineering Change Orders
    arrow   60% Lead time reduction to baseline projects
    arrow   80% Reduction in motion to kit work orders
    arrow   50% Inventory reduction of raw materials

We Have Delighted Customers

    arrow   "Lean Business Solutions has been an integral partner with Advanced Diabetes Supply on our Lean journey. The insight and understanding that Lean Business Solutions has provided to our staff through the Lean trainings has been invaluable in getting everyone at ADS to view their jobs differently and to be constantly vigilant in searching out new and better ways to perform their job functions. The outlook that this has created has resulted in tremendous cost savings for our company, as well as vastly improved operations. In addition to these benefits, members of the ADS team have genuinely enjoyed the training and the empowering effect has had a positive impact on our corporate culture."
        - Mark Howard, President, Advanced Diabetes Supply

    arrow   "Lean Business Solutions has helped us realize the benefits of the Lean principles much more quickly than if we had been doing it without their support. Too often, training doesn't 'stick' and the theory is never really applied in practice. They have become truly vested in the success of the initiative and have been engaged in leading its implementation after training was completed."
        - David McAfee, Vice President, Cubic Defense Applications

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